Habit Tracking

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A personal tracking system that helps you create better habits.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system.” - James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.

An easy way to track good habits, become 1% better every day, so you can smash your goals.

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Why did I create this?

It's no secret. Successful people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey have built a routine around good habits that benefit them.

But it's difficult to make sure you're staying consistent. It's not your fault, you're bombarded with work requests, social media posts and advertisements every waking minute. No wonder you get distracted, I was exactly the same.

That's why I created this simple system that you can use to tick off when you have done something as part of your routine. Helping you build those better habits that benefit you, instead of being dictated to by someone else's agenda.

Habit Tracking is your personal habit tracking system to help you stay on top of things like exercise, meditation, reading and other personal development habits.

As well as providing templates to track habits that may not be as static such as daily/weekly marketing tasks or promotional work.

I've even built a simple screen for you to record what strength, cardio and stretching you could do each day. This can be tailored to suit whatever habit you want to develop.

It can be difficult to see at the end of each week how much you have actually achieved. Habit Tracking lets you easily see how your week has gone and how you've been building those good habits using stats and percentages.

Using this system, you can now....

  • Build a routine that works for you.
  • Track good habits that help you achieve your goals.
  • Break certain habits down further and track progress.
  • Review how your week has gone to see how far you're progressing.


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Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

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Habit Tracking

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