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A digital whiteboard that helps you track your goals, ideas, thoughts and questions.

Turn any device into a digital whiteboard.

Review your goals, jot down new ideas, or braindump for that latest project.

You can't always remember what you wrote on a physical whiteboard. Or your mind goes blank once you're back in front of your whiteboard, desperately trying to remember that idea you had.

Whiteboard for Notion solves these issues by allowing you to record what's in your head, regardless of if you're in the office, or at home browsing the internet. Even when you're standing in line to get your morning Latte.

You never know when inspiration will hit!

Why did I create this?

I turned the wall next to my desk in my home office into a whiteboard. It was great, I used it to write down my goals., come up with side hustle ideas, or ways to promote current projects.

But inspiration never hit when I was next to it. Ideas always come to me when I'm out walking or running. Or in the evening when I sat reading or watching Netflix with my wife. I've lost count of the number of ideas I've forgotten to jot down.

I wanted a way to be able to review and update my goals, ideas, questions and plans no matter if I was working on my PC, using my laptop or scrolling through social media on my phone.

That's when I came up with this digital whiteboard using Notion.

Using this whiteboard, you can now...

  • Write down your goals and aspirations.
  • Easily review your goals each day.
  • Record your ideas when the inspiration hits.
  • Create inspiration quotes to keep you motivated
  • Ask yourself questions to make sure you're staying on track
  • Embed images to help you visualise your goals and dream.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

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I want this!